‘Procedure Entry Point SteamController Could Not Be Located in STEAM_API DLL’ Fix in Windows 7/8/10 | physiciansummitdrs.ga

The “Procedure admission point Beef Controller could not be amid in the activating hotlink library” absurdity in Windows 7/8/10 is acquired by a corrupted, damaged or adverse DLL file.

The absurdity is alike with games, but is in fact present with a ample amount of added applications too.

The amount of the absurdity is that the appliance in catechism (in your case Steam) will be clumsy to amount a accurate DLL book – arch the arrangement to abort with the absurdity cited in your message. For any of the variants of this error, the botheration stems from accepting a DLL which doesn’t accept the accurate functionality appropriate to get the appliance alive correctly.

The absurdity will appearance with the afterward message:

  • [x].exe – Admission Point Not Found
  • The action admission point SteamController could not be amid in the activating hotlink library steam_api.dll


The botheration you’re experiencing is the aftereffect of a DLL book getting called, but not accepting a action accessible from aural it.

Whilst abounding humans will artlessly acquaint you to alter the DLL (which is a accurate strategy), there may be added issues with either Windows or the appliance adopting the error. Thus, in adjustment to accurately break the problem, you charge to be actually abiding you accept anchored any of the abeyant errors that may be causing it to appearance – which can be with Windows or added apps on your system.

The capital could cause of the absurdity is that addition affairs overwrote the DLL that your app is aggravating to access.

This can be acquired by accident, or the added affairs could accept been advised to do it (in the case of antivirus apps). In any case, the band-aid is to ensure that your basal arrangement is alive accurately and afresh that any of the DLL files/settings that your computer has are alive accurately too. The afterward should advice you fix the assorted errors you’re experiencing.

To be added specific about the steam_api.dll absurdity itself — whenever you use a Steam-enabled game, it has to affix to beef via its “API”. An API is an Appliance Programming Interface, which is abstruse allege for a set of hooks/actions that can be invoked by addition program, for a standalone application.

For example, if you try and amount up COD and log in with Steam, COD will use Steam’s API to log you into their service. Ultimately, what it agency is that although the absurdity cites Steam, it’s *not* acceptable Beef that’s the problem. The bigger affair is that your bold overwrote the aboriginal steam_api.dll with one which didn’t plan as well. Either way, the fixes are listed below…


  1. Re-Install Steam

    The aboriginal footfall is to re-install Steam

    Whilst I mentioned that Beef is not the problem, the amount affair is that steam_api.dll will accept been overwritten by your game. As such, you charge to accomplish abiding that you are able to get the aboriginal adaptation back, which agency re-instaling it. Accomplishing this is quick and simple:

    – Columnist “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard

    – Blazon “control.exe appwiz.cpl” and columnist “OK”

    – From the account that shows, baddest “Steam”, right-click and baddest “Uninstall”

    – Delay for the uninstall to complete and restart your PC

    Afterwards restarting the system, you charge to be able to get the latest adaptation of Beef downloaded & installed. To do this, just arch to Steam’s website and download the latest adaptation of the client.

    Download it and install it. Afterwards accomplishing this, restart your arrangement afresh and try loading the game. Since re-installing replaces all of Steam’s files, steam_api.dll should be replaced with the latest version.

  2. Re-Install Afflicted Software

    If you don’t accept Steam, or re-installing it doesn’t work, you’ll charge to re-install any of the afflicted software.

    The absurdity you’re experiencing about shows if you’re active a bold (which relies on Steam). As such, the best way to ensure that it doesn’t accept any besmirched files or settings is to artlessly re-install said game. This is done by afterward these steps:

    – Columnist “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard

    – Blazon “control.exe appwiz.cpl” and columnist “OK”

    – From the account that shows, baddest the game, right-click and baddest “Uninstall”

    – Delay for the uninstall to complete and restart your PC

    Once restarted, you’ll ambition to afresh attack to re-install the game, finer downloading a beginning archetype from the Internet. Afterwards accomplishing this, restart afresh and see if the absurdity persists. If it does, abide with the next steps.

  3. Update Windows

    The next footfall is to amend Windows.

    This adeptness complete trivial, but the amount of humans active alarmingly out of date systems is arresting (check WannaCry for affidavit of that). Updating Windows is chargeless and – at atomic to me – there is no acumen why you wouldn’t ambition to do it. The action is actual simple and ensures that any abeyant bugs central your arrangement are taken affliction of properly…

    Windows 7

    – Bang the “Start” button (bottom left)

    – Bang on “Control Panel”

    – Bang on “System & Security”

    – Under the “Windows Update” heading, baddest “Check for Updates”

    – Download & install any updates it finds

    Windows 10

    – Right-click on the “Start” button (bottom larboard taskbar)

    – Baddest “Settings”

    – Bang “Update & Security”

    – Bang “Check for updates”

    – Let the arrangement download & install any of the updates it requires

    This may crave a restart.

    And – candidly – it apparently will not fix your error… but should ensure that the arrangement is active as calmly as accessible (fixing the majority of bugs that could be causing it to show). The next footfall should break the absurdity if it still shows.

  4. Download & Alter steam_api.dll On Your Arrangement

    Lastly, you’ll ambition to download and alter steam_api.dll on your system.

    A lot of tutorials will acclaim this from the get-go. Whilst okay, there may be added issues at play – appropriately why we approved re-installing first. It’s far bigger to get the “official” book from the software bell-ringer by way of installing the software, than to just download some DLL from the Internet. Since they didn’t work, we’ll accept to use the accomplish categorical actuality to alter the DLL on your system:

    – Go to Google and seek for “steam_api.dll” download

    – There will be a amount of sites which arise at the top (typically dll-files.com or similar)

    – Choose one and afresh attending to download the applicative steam_api.dll for your arrangement (be accurate to aces the actual x86/x64 version)

    – Once you acquisition a acceptable site, download the ZIP to your harder drive

    – Open the ZIP and abstract the DLL independent within

    – Right-click on the DLL and baddest “Copy”

    – Browse to c:/Windows/System32, appropriate bang in a white amplitude and baddest “Paste”

    – If the arrangement asks to overwrite an absolute file, baddest “OK”

    – From here, you charge to columnist “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard

    – Into the “Command Prompt”, blazon the following, acute “Enter” afterwards each: regsvr32 /u steam_api.dll + regsvr32 /I steam_api.dll

    This should appearance a “success” message. Afterwards accomplishing this, restart your arrangement and try arena the bold again.

If you’re still experiencing the error, it suggests you accept added specific problems with your system.

As this is an Internet article, I don’t accept admission to any of the abeyant specifics that your arrangement may have.

Instead, I would acclaim traveling to a adeptness which *does* accord you the adeptness to fix any of the problems which may be accidental to the added errors. To do this, you may ambition to accede blockage out several types of resource…

Firstly, you *could* yield the arrangement to a bounded adjustment guy – but in all honesty, it’s traveling to amount you money for a account area the guy is basically just traveling to do what’s on here. Secondly, you accept several assets online, namely “question/answer” communities and reside abutment online.

For this blazon of error, you’d be best traveling to an online abutment association – either Microsoft Answers or SuperUser – which will be able to accord you the adeptness to accept specific acknowledgment for your system.

This can be done by beat assimilate either of the above sites, registering for chargeless and afresh “ask” a question. Put the abounding absurdity bulletin as the appellation and the description of how it endless as the bulletin and afresh you’ll charge to delay (typically for about 2/3 hours) for any responses. MA responses are about absolutely generic; SuperUser responses are added specific but are absolutely abased on the guys appointment them (most of whom aren’t actual good).

Protect Your Nonprofit’s Online Reputation

You ability be cerebration that you don’t accept to do annihilation to assure your online reputation. Perhaps you’re thinking, who would wish to do annihilation adjoin a accommodating organization? You would be mistaken. Abyss and trolls don’t aces favorites, and unfortunately, any being or accumulation can be fair game.

Nonprofits Can Be a Prime Target

In the “wild west” of the agenda apple and amusing media, affluence of humans and organizations accept gotten their emails, websites and amusing networks afraid by humans who are analytic to could cause calamity or worse, steal. If your website is hacked, for instance, you can acquisition yourself in a bearings area humans are altruistic to your charity, alone the funds are not traveling to your nonprofit but into the pockets of criminals. The aforementioned can action if you’re amusing media accounts are hacked.

You can aswell acquisition yourself on the “wrong” ancillary of an issue, and let’s face it, in today’s apple no one can amuse anybody and trolls would adulation the adventitious to accomplish it rain negativity on your alignment if they feel like it.

Therefore, it’s consistently a acute affair to anticipate about online acceptability management.

An Ounce of Prevention

As the old aphorism goes, an ounce of blockage is annual a batter of cure. And, although some nonprofits, decidedly the abate ones with bound assets and bandwidth adopt to accept a bound online presence, this is not the access you should be taking.

Your alignment does, in fact, accept to accept an alive website, mobile, agenda and amusing media attendance because, in the agenda age, that’s how you get supporters and engage. However, you accept to be proactive about the risks that are involved, just as you would with your own coffer annual and claimed accounts. I’m abiding you yield precautions with account to your claimed affairs and amusing media accounts. The aforementioned is accurate for your nonprofit’s agenda presence.

Search Engine After-effects for Your Organization

Any online acceptability administration begins by analytic for yourself on the big seek engines, abnormally Google and again Bing. Seek for your nonprofit’s name and don’t stop at seeing the after-effects of the aboriginal page. Go added into the weeds by analytic to see if there’s annihilation adverse in the aboriginal 5 pages of the seek results. You should aswell attending at Google Account and see if you absent annihilation that ability accept been accounting as a account item.

If you appear to acquisition abrogating items, you charge to accomplish a agenda of them. See the source, and yield agenda of the URL back you will apparently be abiding to those pages. Depending on the blazon of source, you can ask third-party sites to actual any erroneous information, however, depending on the source, you may accept success or not.

Audit Your Amusing Media Accounts

The next places you’ll wish to analysis anxiously are all of your amusing networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. If you see there are abrogating posts that may accept been done by anyone else, you can annul them. If you accept comments or shares that are clearly from annoyed humans (e.g., donors, ex-staff), the aphorism is to abode it professionally and again yield it offline as bound as possible. Remember, you consistently wish to abide positive, even if you’re ambidextrous with a abrogating situation. If you’re ambidextrous with trolls, again you can accept to briefly acknowledgment that you respectfully disagree or accept not to appoint at all back trolls are analytic to get a acceleration from you.

Reputation Services

If you acquisition yourself in a bearings area there’s something about you on a seek engine seek or amusing media, you can aswell attending at paid casework such as Acceptability Defender, or accoutrement such as Trackur or Rankur. However, depending on the issue, you may end up spending a lot of money for abridged after-effects because annihilation is anytime absolutely “erased” from the internet and seek engines in our country are abhor to annul information. Each bearings is different.

You or anyone on your aggregation should be consistently ecology the agenda advice about your alignment on the Internet and aswell on amusing media. Accomplish sure, always, to accept advice at the accessible should you charge to claiming a third affair belvedere about something they accept in their arrangement that is artlessly apace incorrect or even abusive. Read the “Terms of Service” for all platforms, including amusing media, so you can claiming things should it appear to that apropos your online reputation.